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aquascaping frustration

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does anyone else get frustrated with scaping a new tank and find yourself changing it a lot?? the only thing i have OCD with is aquascaping, i find it hard to plan and come up with a design so i just wing it with hardscape and plants and try to come up with something as i go along, i'm never in a rush to get it cycled and stocked up i find the scaping the most important and most stressful part!
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Sometimes help's to make cardboard template same size as bottom of tank,and then place this template on a table at eye level and expieriment with different arrangement's of hardscape material's till you see something you like.
Then figure where you want plant's (short ones in front,taller ones in back.)
Easier than standing over the tank with water up to your arm pit's, and then stepping back,looking,re-arranging,stepping back,looking,Etc.
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