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I'm compiling aquascaping information. Here is what I've come up with so far...

1. Shape - The overall shape of the tank's aquascape
types;Concave ("V" or "U" shape) Convex ("island" or "mound") Triangle ("River") Square ("wall-of-plants - usually only with dutch 'scapes) and the Flat (iwagumi - for open spaces)

2. Focal Point - The main focus of the tank functions as a beginning point. Follows the golden rule. Can have two if tank is large enough (>4ft).

3. Secondary Points of Interest - less than the focal point but continues the flow of the 'scape. Do not have to follow the golden rule but should fit the layout. e.g. second mountain in a concave shape.

4. Flow - the viewer must be "led" through the tank without distraction. Can use the shape of the layout or flow from one point of interest to another. Usually begins at the focal point.

5.Perspective - makes the tank appear larger. Sloping, terracing, separation of for/mid/back, and proper use of small/medium/large plants.

6. Composition of Plants: plants should be appropriate in size and leaf shape, have a good contrast of texture and color, and overall layout should follow the desired shape.

7. Composition of Hardscape: rocks and wood. Should be the same type and/or "fit" together. Iwagumi layout should not have any wood! Odd numbers.

8. Composition of tank inhabitants: limited number of schooling fish. Fish color should "fit" the layout and not detract from its appearance or distract the viewer unless intended.

9. "correctness" (Need a better name) - Layout should have only appropriate plants, inhabitants, and proper care should be used. No coldwater plants with hotwater fish, etc. No plant-eating fish...

I am attempting to gather as much info for this as possible. If you have anything to input, please say. I hope this can become a resource for everyone. I'll edit the main post as new things come up.
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