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Hey everyone,

I recently got my hands on a cheap Kmart aquarium starter kit ($29 AUD = ~$22). It is a 5 gallon semi-rimless glass tank (rimmed on the bottom but not the top) and the kit comes with an internal filter, plastic lid, background wallpaper, fake gravel and plants. From what I could see, this was the cheapest tank I've found available here in Australia. The next one up would've been some 5 gallon tanks on ebay for $55 AUD+ and that was just for the tank on its own. So honestly for the price I was really happy with what I got and even surprised at the quality of the tank itself!

My plan for the tank is to finally get into keeping caridina shrimp and start a colony. As such my plans for the scape was to go somewhat minimalistic, making sure I have room to be able to do maintenance easily as well as observe and catch shrimp if needed. Not sure how well I adhered to this approach however haha :p Anyways I hope you enjoy the setup!

Equipment and Supplies:
Tank - Kmart Aquarium Starter Kit - inc. Internal Filter
Lighting - Aqua One Nano 30 LED Light
Heater - Aqua One 25w Heater
Hardscape - Ohko Stone (Dragonstone) and Spider Wood
Substrate - ADA Power Sand (S) and UP Aqua Shrimp Sand

Anubias Nana Petite
Anubias Gold
Mini Pellia Moss
Staurogyne Repens
Micro Java Fern
Monte Carlo Rare
Ludwigia White
Limnophila Hippuroides



Final dragonstone arrangement

Added Spiderwood (I glued it to the dragonstone were possible)

Of all the plants I was most excited to see this "Micro Java Fern". It was indeed much smaller than I expected!

Final planted tank

Filled up and final look

Now to just get it cycled! I'll be adding starter bacteria everyday and have also used some seeded media in that filter. So hopefully the cycle wont be too long!

Here is my video on the setup and aquascape:
I'll post more updates as they come!
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