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"Aquascape Wannabe" 20G High (56K)

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Hello folks, this is basically my second tank. I moved out of my parents house where I have kept my first tank for about a year, and now it is time... For a new tank!!

Here is the tank today, freshly planted:

So, the big ingredients:

-Home made stained wood/forged steel tank stand
-PetCo $1/Gal 20 High
-Plants from over the years + Gordon Richards Crypts, moss & anubias
-Activ-Flora (16lbs) + 5lbs fancy plant substrate
-DIY lights
-Lots of patience :flick:

So all this text and no pictures, boring...:icon_roll

Heres the build as it progresses chronologically. Enjoy :proud:

Old Tank W/ Plants

New Glass :)

Plans For Guts of new stand

Guts of New Stand. Got to love plywood & 2x4 :flick:

Trim & Wood of the door


I am a blacksmith's apprentice so I get to indulge in the steel forging arts :)

Here's the front trim & Latch all cut, forged, welded, and ground
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That is a beautiful stand, and definitely one of a kind! How long did the trim and latch take you to make?
Thanks Dave! It took about 6 hours of work time i'd say.

Today I am going to patina the steel, mount it, and bring this puppy into my room and start fiddling with hardscape ideas :)
I love the steel work! I can't wait to see it put together on the stand.

Are you planning to put the stand on caster wheels? That's what it looks like based on your design drawing. I'm concerned as to whether they'll be able to take the weight of the tank when it's filled.
Nice job bud,
Complexity - this next update will answer you..

Tank on top - all flush!

I made some feet from an old dried up piece of firewood in my back yard


Leaf up close


Door open, I put verathane on the whole inside to waterproof it

Hardscape materials. I screwed in some wire mesh to the DW so it stays solidly in place under the soil. Mesh so that roots can still grow freely.

Tank w/ stand in my new house!

Anyone feel free to give some ideas on how to set up this hardscape. Im taking my time with it, taking a few days to get it perfect. Here is some ideas I came up with in the first 15 minutes.
NOTE the soil that is in the tank is merely the first layer, there will be another 16 lbs of activ flora and maybe a strip of pool filter sand as well..

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I think the right side is a little bare, maybe try to spread the tank out a little bit more?
I think the right side is a little bare, maybe try to spread the tank out a little bit more?

Although, based on the location of the stand and how you're looking at the tank, it might be better if the open space were on the left side as opposed to the right (next to the closet, no viewing angle).
Yea thats true. I didnt even really think about the position of the tank in the room. I was just focusing on one thin. In that case its a little better than. I feel like your going to add more substrate which will help this tank out trememndously
Inadaze I know that its not your aquarium ha sorry if that statement sounded like it was directed at you
Yeah guys, that was just the first time I threw the stuff in..

Check it out, I got it up and running today! Hugely nice to have this set up finally!

Check it out

Final Hardscape

Moss tying... Took a long time to do it right! Its Willow moss from Gordon on here. Used brown sewing thread to tie.

Plants laid out

Planting all done

Cloudy, as expected bit not too bad. This immediately after filling and turning on the filter.

Side view, which I treated as its own scape because this is the side most frequently seen in my room.

Now I cross my fingers and wait! Hopefully all this hard work goes to a nicely grown in, low tech aquarium. This is my first time trying to actually "aquascape" haha. I'll update later when she clears.
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I like the new layout a lot! Nice to see you moved everything to the right side of the tank to open it up on the other side. I did the same thing on my new tank setup. The first view of the tank is the end so I'll scape from both angles. Your plants will look awesome when they fill in.

I forgot to mention in my previous post, that stand is awesome!
:bounce:Thanks guys! I hope all goes well in this tank. The overall impression is definitely far better than I ever expected it to be, so hopefully I dont kill all the plants
I really like the side scape. The two Anubias look gold
Thanks! I hope you meant gold as in good, not like gold the color about to die haha.
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