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Aquascape ideas for a tank that will be viewable from more sides than just the front

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So, the nano tank I am starting is most likely going to be resting in a place where both the front and back and the left side of the tank are viewable. The right side will not be as viewable.

I need some ideas for how this tank should look in terms of shapes. I'm not sure what plants I plan on placing in this tank either, aside from an attempt to get some HC carpeting.

I'm thinking an aquascape that starts low on the left side and gradually grows upward, climaxing in the center of the right side, would make the best effect.

If any of you have tanks that must be pleasant to view from 3 sides, would you mind sharing pics?
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This may be of some help:
Here the aquascaper is designing a tank intended to be viewed from different sides.
My 29 gallon tank can be viewed from two sides. With my retired aquascape I placed the tallest plants and a branch down the middle of the tank with mid-ground and fore ground plants on either side. You should be able to find the thread by going to my profile and looking at the threads started by me. I have a link to the new layout in my signature, its viewable from two sides but once plants grow in the side you see when you first walk into the room will be the main view.
Maybe leave the edges bare, and use some tall piece of DW and plants in the center, and then the fish can swim around it. Then make each side a little bit different then it would look really cool.
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