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Aquascape 4ft 300L / Business Idea

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My mate sold me his 4ft 300L with custom build mental stand, big fluval carbon filter, light and 300w heater. Its up and running and looking good after about 2 weeks. Its has nice fine sand that looks banging with my two plants Alternanthera Rosaefolia and Hydrocotyle Leucocephala with the light on. Its stocked with x1 Black Moor, x1 Leopard Pleco, x1 Yamato Shirmp, x1 Siamese fighter, x1 Ram Cichlid, x1 Chinese Hill stream Loach, x1 Bronze Corydora x2 Apistogramma Mendezi. Every pay day 100% I'll buy some tropical fish, its a proper addiction. I plan to get x1 Banjo Catfish, x1 Butterfly Fish and loads more Hill Stream Loaches.

# I have a passion for tropical fish and idealy it would be my dream job. So I'm doing a 12 week Princes Trust course and at the end of it I can apply for a 20 grand grant to start up a business. That's the plan but I'm only 20 and I'm sort of feeling abit out of my depth. Any advice is welcome.
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I would say that you should try and limit the total number of species and should try and instead get more of the same species in order to form schools or shoals. I absolutely support the addition of hill stream loaches, they are a great fish. You should think about getting a bunch of cories (5+) since they prefer to be in groups.

If you like your plants you should get more of them as well!
try to avoid the one of this and one of that mindset. Pick a suitable species and build from that. Schools look much better than single fish. A lot of different fish make it look like a traffic jam.

You can do a lot with a tank that size, good luck.
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