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I have had a continuing problem with my tank where the ammonia readings are coming in at .25...

I use tap water treated with aquasafe for water changes. Tap is testing at 0ppm. Even though I am testing a high lvl of ammonia in the tank, all of my fauna seem to be doing remarkably well. I have two berried shrimp, one of which was brought into the tank yesterday from the lfs. She acclimated fine and immediately started eating and has not dropped her eggs. CPDs are active as ever and my two ottos are eating away.

This all started when my nitrates came in very high, nitrites and ammonia at 0. One CPD developed dropsy and has since died. I did a massive water change followed by 15% daily to get it under control. Until this point I had been trying the Tom Barr method with no water changes. It wasn't until I started water changes with Aquasafe that my ammonia went up. I have since added Cobomba to absorb some nitrates and Iron for the other plants (java fern, val, moss and swords) and that at least has worked out well.

I am not overfeeding and pruning plants when needed.

Is it Aquasafe false readings or what?
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