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Aquarium stone

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I have been trying to find stone for my 75 gallon cichlid tank I'm getting ready to setup and it's really expensive most places I look online! I also went to my local stone supply place and they didn't have much of anything I could work with and use. It doesn't matter if it is inert or not I'd actually prefer the inert rock that doesn't affect the ph cause I have he argonite sand to put in the tank and African cichlid sand so I didn't want to put rocks in there and raise the ph to unmanageable limits! I have been looking on the forum and saw a couple links for stone dealers but some of the links saying page not found. Can anyone post some links or suppliers again please? Sorry if this is a repeat from other posts! Thanks for any help and info!!
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Welcome to the forum!

I've always been a fan of "Lace Rock" from Feller Stone in my cichlid tanks. Your LFS should be able to quote you a price on a box. Its sold a couple of ways,
"Large Lace 5pcs" is the item you'll want to create caves and negative space if you go that route. Ordering through your LFS may be cheaper than shipping direct because of the weight.
note: a lot of stuff gets called "lace rock", the Feller Stone brand is what I'm referring to.

Texas Holey Rock and Tufa are other options. They're not inert, but they'll only take your Ph but so high
My lfs only sells the slate and it's mainly the really thin pieces and I went to the local stone supply store and then didn't have much to use at all really. They did have some of the stone I have in my other tank but that stuff is really heavy and I have over a 100 pounds in there and it's not that much. My only other option is going around and just trying to find some near the streams or go see if a few of these local quarries have anything. Mostly the blue stone they crush up for gravel is at the one quarry. I'd really hate to buy a bunch of stone off eBay. Seems expensive but I get it withthe shipping. Hopefully I'll find something soon!
Don't buy your rock, you can easily find and prepare rock for your aquarium for free(and its more fun).
Not sure where you are located, but up here in Alberta we have lots to choose from.
My absolute favorite rock is Trap Rock, it is dark ingeous rock that has alot of flat sides so you can stack it easily.
I have had it in my tank for a month and it has not changed my water parameters at all.
I tend to hike in the mountains alot so i am constantly bringing home really cool looking rocks for aquariums and the garden.
Yeah I think I'm gonna go for a walk this weekend and see if I can find some rock somewhere! I'm in limestone country so even thought it will change the ph some I'm doing cichlids so it should still be ok. I live in West Virginia about an 1-1/2 hours from Washington DC and I'm in the Shenandoah Valley in the Blue Ridge mountains in the Appalachian country! Very beautiful here love it!! Probably doesn't compare to Alberta but beautiful in its own right! Always wanted to see Canada one of these days!!
I really like the ohko stone and seiryu stone and I saw some elephant stone is what they called it in eBay that I like too! I'm gonna try to find some soon because the tank is sitting empty and I just gotta get the rock and I have to strengthen up the stand to handle the weight
I think you may be missing the forest for the trees??
You are in a grand place to find lots of rocks! So perhaps it is more a problem of seeing what is there? Easy enough to do but it doesn't mean the rock is not there.
I grew up kicking rocks and never consider buying them! Maybe some discussion on what to look for might help.
One first point is on the rocks changing the PH. Things like aragonite, cichlid sand ,etc. will all have a somewhat "natural level" on PH. One might raise it to 7.6 while another might go as high as 7.8. But they do not add together to go higher than the higher one. So having those two mentioned and adding limestone doesn't blow the top off, it just gets to the max quicker.
Thinking of how the rock or other are degraded may help. To degrade a stone like Ohko or limestone, the water has to be at a lower PH. Limestone is alkaline, so putting it in acidic water will degrade the rock quicker but as it does, the PH rises and the effect slows. Kind of self regulating.
Since you mention African cichlid sand, can we assume your cichlids will be African cichlids? If so, I would certainly go looking for limestone as it is very cheap/free and abundant in many places.
From there it can get more complex if you want "special" looks. Much of the "fancy" stone is actually eroded limestone that comes from a specific point and somebody has given it a specific name. Sells better than way?
Texas holey rock sells for more than a dollar a pound but you can also pick it up off the ground and call it eroded limestone.
Try looking along the highways for "rip-rap". It's about as cheap as it gets. Your part of the country may use other materials like granite or marble or whatever else they find cheaper. Rocks are rocks and good old country boys should NOT buy rocks!
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Yes I agree that's why I haven't been able to bring myself to buy them! I definitely wanna go look around just been busy that's all. I have African cichlid sand and the argonite both. I was just worried putting limestone in the tank might make the ph too high but now I see and understand what you're saying so I will go look. There is a ton of places around here I can go look so I know I will find some!
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