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This is purely curiosity and sorta' get-to-know type post. I am not an officer of a society nor do I intend to start one.

1. How many aquarium societies are within a two-hour drive for you (one way)? Include smaller groups like killifish or cichlids.

2. Do you attend an aquarium society? If so, how many?

3. Name your number one reason to be in an aquarium society.

4. Name your number one complaint about an aquarium society.


1. 3 that I know of - one general, one cichlid, one killifish
2. 1 - general society
3. Mini-auctions & trading fish, plants, etc --- that's sorta' one reason, isn't it? ;-)
4. Four hour round trip for me and I'm just too old & grouchy for that
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