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Aquarium salt and plants.

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Hey guys.
I am outting aquarium salt in my tank because of Columnaris in all of my fish.
I hear it may damage your plants.
I have Rotala, Itallian val, some baby Amazon Swords, Ludwigia, and Java Moss.
How will the salt damage my plants and how can I minimize/stop it?
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I only put salt in my tank to about half of the recommended 1tbsp per 5g, but have never had an issue with salt hurting the plants. For columnaris, salt alone will not cure and the meds you need to eradicate it can hurt the plants. Just depends on which one you chose.
tanke plant out and store in seprate tnak buckket with a light migh be ur asnswer
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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