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aquarium plants own soil - opinions and comments.

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This substrate has been out for quite some time now and have only seen the reviews on their own site which all seem to good to be true.

Im starting a new 55 soon and wanted to use this because the price is irresistable. I have also used flourite red in the past and this looks very similar.

Any long time users?
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I'd also like to hear from someone who's bought this
Several years ago some friends used it.
Looks just like Soil Master Select.
Acts just like SMS- very dusty, lightweight (does not hold plants down well). They needed a diatom filter to clear the tank right after set up.

I have used Soil Master Select, and I like the look. It is high CEC, but it does remove the carbonates from the water, allowing the pH to drop. I fill the tanks very carefully to avoid clouding the water, so there is just a light haze for several hours or overnight.
it's not bad, but it's inert and pretty much like a smaller grained, uniform color, lighterweight version of fluorite. good CEC, and mulm is more likely to collect on top rather than sink into it. schultz aqua soil is pretty much the same thing but in red and slightly heavier.

edit: you;'ll need to rinse it otherwise you get sludge.
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