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I didn't see this store mentioned on here yet and thought I give you my recent experience. I've been here a few times since it opened almost a year now.

If you're a frequent on MFK forums it's the same owner as Aquascape Online. That was their online business and they mainly dealt with piranhas and other predatory fish and oddballs.

This store is now their retail and wholesale since their lease ran out from the other place.

I checked it out today to see if they had plants but they don't have much yet other a few common ones like Java Fern and something he said that I wasn't paying attention to. The owner, which is a nice guy to talk to, is going to start setting up a planted tank and said he's going to have some shrimp tanks set up by next week. Hopefully that will be worth it when that is set up, I went there looking for dwarf baby tears but left empty handed.

Most of their tanks which are well maintained are of predatory fish like piranhas and other things that you'd see on their other website, they have dry goods and saltwater fish but not many corals. They do have small selection tetras and community fish which are cheaper than Petco if they are not the ones they normally sell for 5 for $5 and are bigger and others that Petco doesn't sell. But selection on them aren't as varied.

I just ended up buying a batch of live black worms for my fishies. They're an importer and wholesaler so they seem to be able to get a good amount of oddballs that others don't carry. Worth a shot to ask if you need something that others don't get. He showed a tiny freshwater crab they got from Thailand however the thing was as small as a pencil tip eraser so I couldn't tell what it was.

I told him since i'm not really in predatory fish I don't come in as often but may do so if he does get those shrimps other community oddballs like Altums Angels.

The address is not listed on Google Maps but this is what was on the receipt.

234 Washington Street
Belleville, NJ 07109
(908) 634-0820
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