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Aquarium of the Pacific Riparium

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Snagged a snap of the rip that they have last time I was there. The picture does not do it justice. He/she even had some crs lurking around in there. Anybody have any background on this tank?

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Hadn't noticed that there before. For a large place like Aquarium of the Pacific I would expect something a bit more...significant and aquascaped a little nicer. lol
I've seen this tank a few times with my Aquarium of the Pacific membership and even went behind the scenes. The tour guide didn't really say much about this tank specifically but the last time I was there, it was overrun with snails and low grade CRS/CBS with mottled coloration. It seemed neglected to me as it was the only freshwater tank in the Aquarium.
Is this a new exhibit, I definitely have not noticed this one either.

I do have to agree with John as well, lol
It's been there for a while- it embarrassed me as a freshwater enthusiast
i haven't been there in a minute, i need to get back in there.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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