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Aquarium garage sale (wedding flight funds!!!)

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Not much for sale, but my brother.. EBI is getting married!!!

Need the extra funds to fly up in august... I have some money set aside but it would be nice to make what I can before I go.

MR.Aqua 11.4 gallon $40SOLD
18"-24" Current satellite Led + $60 almost brand new sold :)

Seiryu stone and Drift wood

I will post seperate images later... Take all the seiryu for $40

Driftwood and ada branchy wood starts at $20 up to $35

Lava rock $5 and that other random slab( I got it from pets plus 2 years ago) $5

All purchases go to the fly me to Cali wedding fund... I take cash and card. ;)

I don't post all pics because I don't want to overload the server. Thanks !!!

If ur interested... Here my plants I have available
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I might be interested in some driftwood/branchy wood.
I'd be interested in your Seiryu stones, if I could get a better pic? :)

Text me. 8086838079
Branchy wood pics?

Text me 8086838079
Did somebody make an offer on the Mr.Aqua?
Mr aqua sold for $60.
Interested in the SAT+ if the sale falls thru. LMK
Interested in the SAT+ if the sale falls thru. LMK

Shoooots. I'll have it in my car and ready for sale.
12 rooted s repens $5
Edit: nvm saw sale pending and you are looking for local pickup. Wondered why I could see for sale in the mobile timeline.


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1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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