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AquaRay controller 8 with grobeam

Just wanted to add my post with the info that I've gained over the last 6 months.
My aquarium has been up and running for about 15 years, Had South american Cichlids
with driftwood and rocks, no plants…After the last Red Devil passed on I decided that a few plants
would be nice… you know the rest.

After much research here and other sites decided on a low light, low tech planted tank.
Realized I had missed a lot over the last few years about the latest upgrades, Decided on
Catalina 3 bulb fixture for lighting, only use 1 or two at a time, just recently got the Aqua Ray
controller and grow beams for effect

Received the order from GLA in two days, maybe not the lowest price but they definitely make up
up for it in service and knowledge. Thanks Orlando

I know you can DIY on LEDs, but after reading all the trials and tribulations other have had, I went
for the all in one package that Aquaray makes. Everything works just as advertised and if it didn't I learned that it was because I didn't read all the instructions.

I have plenty of light from my 3X54 watt Catalina fixtures to grow anything I want, but I liked the idea
of the gradual dimming and brightening that aqua ray provides. My only negative is that you can not
do more than 1 photo period per channel, I like the midday break so I can have the lights on when I
m home. Ive worked around it by programing one grow beam on the right for sunrise and one grow beam on the left for sunset. It will also work if I get 2 more grow beams , but I really don't need that much light now.

I also went to Homedepot and got a 48 inch aluminum strip and easily mounted the beams over the tank. Looks pretty cool.


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