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aquaqube 40

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Im looking to get back into planted tanks again after a few years out. I recently spotted a nice little aquaqube 40 which looks good and wasnt to expensive.
My question is does anyone have much experiance with it? And does the light that comes with it need replacing for a more plant friendly one ?

The light with the tank is a 18w t5 8900k whitelight. Would this be ok for good plant groth?. I havnt used t5s before .

I plan to use a thick layer of aquagrow nutrasoil and liquid co2.

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Do you know how many gallons it is? Or liters, we can convert. I have a single 18 wt T-5 fixture over a standard 15 gal. ...which is 24X12X12. I am able to grow mini lotus, and one other with red color, crypts, anubias, trident java, mini pelia, and lots of mosses. Basically low light plants.
Its 40l.
heres a link to the light fitting. Think its a t5 pc.
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