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Aquaclear Replacement Parts

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Im looking to replace the impeller and impeller shaft on my Aquaclear filters. Does anyone know the cheapest/best website to purchase these? I need to order these parts for several filters so every dollar helps.
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You can ask hagen directly I was looking for the u tube peice and could only find it for 10 bucks so I emailed them told them how long I have been using their products and they sent me one for free. So it never hurts to ask.
Internet prices vary constantly so the only way to get the "best" price is to do lots of looking. Results will vary dailly! I find a dealer who does me right and most of the time the price works out okay.
Do not forget the price of shipping. Finding the best deal is not just the base price of the thing you are buying.
Of course at Big Als there is always something else to add to the order... Dangerous place!
I've gotten AC parts at Also a dangerous place, as you can buy many other things (at a reasonable price, however).
I second big als. They have a ton of parts. They have a great selection of hard to find parts items. All my filters were bought at big als over the years and just out of curiosity I looked for replacement parts for each filter and they have every piece and additional items available.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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