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aqua soil?

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anyone know a store that has some aqua soil in LA county or san bernadino county
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How many bags are you looking for?

I have a few brand new bags left.
im looking for 1 - 9L and 1 - 3L and i was also going to get 1 - 3L of the powder too (but i could just go for 2 - 9L if thats what u got)
I don't know how far it is from you, but All About Fish in Long Beach has some.
got some from epicfish
bump i need some more lol is there any places now? i forgot to say i can go down to Anaheim. I just need a 9L bag this time
I wonder if All About Fish has them. You should give them a call even though it's slightly far. Their site is
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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