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Aqua soil question

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I cycled my aquasoil in a 40B n I hade the tank running for 4-5 months , I broke down the tank n kept my AS in a few 5 gallon buckets ... Set up another tank now . So my question is , do I have to (Cycle) the Aqua soil again ?
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Will need to cycle the new tank or add lot's of plant's and wait for a few week's (maybe three) and then add fish a few at a time.
Depending on how long it was in the bucket, almost any tank that you setup that is new will have some sort of a cycle. Even with used filters there is chance of a spike. Best to run and do a cycle and watch your parameters just to be sure.
It won't be as bad as a cycle, but you will still need to build up beneficiary bacteria again.
thank you for all your answers
Your tank will need to be cycled but the soil leaching will no longer be an issue.
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