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aqua soil question..

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I just recently put aqua soil in my tank and the people at the store witch i bought ada aqua soil from said i have to wait 4 week or so before i put my fish in, i think because of ammonia and nitrite toxicity will kill ur fish. Should i just use Bio-Spira to speed up the cycle..? can someone pls help me.
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If you have another tank you can use some of the filter media to seed your tank. Otherwise you best bet to get rid of the ammonia leeched from the aquasoil is to do large (75%+) water changes every day for a week. That should take care of the leeched ammonia but you still need to get beneficial bacteria in there to cycle the tank.
how do i get beneficial bacteria in my water because i am still using the same filter with the same media from b4 i had aqua soil
grab the bio-filter out of your other tank, or buy your friend some new Fluval or Seachem or whatever brand bio-filter they use, and take 2/3's of what they have in their canister, give them a new 2/3, put their bacteria-colonized media in your cannister, should cycle anywhere from 1-7 days *IF* you have a 'bunch' of plants in there too to start, plants eat ammonia, do a search on cycling w/ plants you'll find the same advice...
k thanks i will try that and ill look more into it..
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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