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aqua one/start 320... good enough for plants?

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i was looking at the aqua one 320 to set up a small tank because my mum wont let me set a bigger one up

so is the 11 watt light good enough to grow plants?
i was hopeing for java moss, straight vails, cambodia carolina, and maybe hc cuba

it says it can take 28 liters but by the time its got substrate, rocks, driftwood, it will probs be like 22/23 liters

ohh and btw ill be having sand, tetra plant substrate and a fluval 2 plus instead of rubbish under gravel filters

thankyouuuuu :):):):)
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11 watts limits you to low-light plants (that leaves out the HC "cuba"). Also with that size tank, depending on the sp. of Vals you get, they can quickly outgrow it.
Best of luck to you!

(P.S. Check out the "Low Light Plant " sticky in the Low-tech Forum)
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