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Aqua clear 110

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Just wondering what people use for replacement media in their aqua clear 110 filter. Also how often d you replace what you use?
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I use ceramic rings as media and I haven't change them nor that I plan on it :p
I think I already answered this for you, but the only thing I replace is the carbon bag with a bag of Purigen.
Ohh that. Instead of carbon, I added in more media and an extra layer of filter floss.
Thanks. Do you guys put filter floss on top of the sponge? How often do you replace the floss and the sponge?
Sponge-filter floss-ceramic media to the brim. How I ran mine and it worked out well. Just rinse your filter floss as needed and replace when it gets to gross. A big bag of the blue and white stuff is pretty cheap. They are great filters just take care to not run them dry or they get noisy.
No on the floss, and I don't ever replace the sponge. I just clean it regularly in tank/dechlorinated water.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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