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I'm stumped.

I started up a 1.5 gallon cubic nano a few weeks ago. It's fairly heavily planted with a mix of medium to high light plants, and lighting is from a single 15W daylight CF bulb about three inches above the top of the water, and ten or so inches above the lowest point of the tank. Photoperiod is 10 hours. The tank gets a little bit of sunlight from a window about six feet away from it, and there's not much I can do to stop that.

So far so good, except:

1.) The HC is growing more vertically than horizontally, and
2.) A few kinds of algae (hair, green dust) are trying to get a foothold.

In short, I'm wondering if my lighting is too high (algae) or too low (tall HC). I know that the watts-per-gallon rule doesn't apply to nanos (and is hardly a rule anyway), and that overall light availability in a tank can be affected by light height, shape of the tank, etc. I have no idea whether my shrimp nano is getting enough light, or whether it's starved for more.

Has anyone else here had experience in lighting small, cubic nanos for optimum plant growth? Should I stay with 15W, drop to 13W, or go up to something like 20W? Thoughts, opinions, ideas?

I really want to get that HC to carpet, but I don't want to do it at the expense of an algae invasion.
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