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Aponogeton madagascariensis-Mimicking a dormancy period?

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I've been creeping this board for a while trying to find any information and experience with Madagascar Lace Plants. I am working in a laboratory studying this plant to model programmed cell death, which causes the perforations in the leaves.

I am wondering if anyone has advice on trying to mimic a proper dormancy period and have the plants successfully come back to normal? We do not purchase new plants, we simply do sterile tissue culturing.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Yes, I have talked and haggled about PCD here at UC Davis with the folks interested in PCD.

I actually was talking about PCD yesterday:icon_idea

You might just PM and we can exchange emails.
There is no real dormancy if you culture it correctly.
Namely keeping the temps down about 75F or less and keeping them there, then there's no dormancy........the plants basically go all out to complete their life cycle when it's warmer, and just grow slower and indefinitely when cool.
Makes sense ecologically as well, cooler temps and water=> nice wet rains, warmer, hotter temps= drying up, no rains in Madagasgar.

Also, Kane et al (UF at Gainesville), grow it quite emegent in tissue culture.
As these are sterile cultures, these might be better suited for PCD studies.

Tom Barr
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