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Apono bulb madness

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Received an Aponogeton bulb from a large plant distributor. Part of the bulb is sarting to rot. I informed seller and they said just put it in substrate and it will grow. Me thinks this information stinks too.
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Bulbs are hit and miss, but healthy growing ones can be seperated out with razors.
The information I got seemed strange. Plant bulbs are designed to store energy in the fleshy knob. Planting this in substrate to allow it to absorb nutrients would allow the wound to heal? That doesn't make sense to me. First the fungus must be killed and the wound cleaned. The bulb I guess can scar over this fresh wound.
Squish test.

If it squishes and stinks its a bad bulb.

Not sure what seller would ever say "its fine" but whoever it is doesn't care much about you. I would ask for a refund or a credit.

My wife has my camera on a trip. I received 2 types. They were marked but with the heat I quickly removed them from shipping bag and into water. longiplumulosus and capuronii. One bulb is hard and fine about the size of a walnut.
The problem child has the multi-trunkated look. Maybe 4-5 growth points. THe heat shield side is where I found rot and soft tissue. I probably removed 10% of the nut to get to live healthy tissue. It is hard to submerge this knowing rot will probably return to raw underbelly.
By the way I am batting 750 with over the counter betta bulbs so I have experience. So I decide to go Big Time with the pros and I am feeling a little worked over.
Often times it is as simple as talking to the proper person. The chief plant person could not have been more informative. More bulbs are on the way. The origial bulb in question is still fighting to remain healthy but smells and slowly getting worse so I will remove it from the water and force it to hibernarte. Hopefuly while it dries out the fungus will vacate. I have tried fungicides, hydroden peroxide, clorox mix and conditions still re-appear shortly after being submerged. Also need a sealer to apply to wound while it dries. We must not give up...or should we?
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