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Hi, i have a ten gallon heavily planted tank. it have a big DW centerpiece that creates a few caves. i could also add some pot caves ( any way to make it look good still? ) it is low tech- no co2. i have fertilizer that says to use once a week, so thats what ill do. it has good fitration, and the lights are two 25 Watt bulbs. the hood doesnt say anything on it besides that. but the lights are new. i have echinodorus amazonicus's, anubias barteri, and some small thing labelled as "cryptocorn wentii var brown. but i highly doubt that it is that, judging by the pictures ive seen on the interned. but they are small low-growing things. i am going to get a bunch more plants. i would like some taller things for the back and some short grass-like cover plants

anyways, i would like to get some apistos. ill get whichever type i can find locally. how many would be a good number? ive read that some say 1 male with 2 females. but ive also read 1 male 1 female. id like some advise from you! also, i would like to something to help with scraps and algae control. ( i know i need to find the root of the problem, but i cant seem to find it. do you think i have too much light, maybe? )

do you recommend dithers? i dont want to overcrowd, becaues its only a ten gallon.
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i could also add some pot caves ( any way to make it look good still? )

Could you use small clay pots and attach mosses to them? It would make them much more attractive.
with such a small tank.. your maybe at very most.. going to be able to get 2 or 3.. while apistos and most SA cichlids are small, they still can grow to 4-5 inches with the males.. my suggestion.. go bigger :)
In a ten gallon I wouldn't put more than a pair of a single species.
sorry! i accidentally posted a facebook status i copied. really looked like spam- i apologize!

i meant to say-

would you recommend 2 or 3? i would feel more comfortable with 2, but i dont know if they have any grouping quirks. also, would they be okay without dithers or an oto
good call orchidman - I don't know if you've ever even seen a full grown apisto, but I promise you once you did you would feel bad putting even just 1 in a 10 gallon.
ive decided to go with a beta instead and just get GBRs for my 29G thanks for helping though :)
This is a good decision. A ten gallon tank is too small for apistos, they prefer to have a good amount of territory, long tanks are best since they are bottom dwellers and don't care about the height of the tank.

Your beta should be happy in a ten gallon tank and the rams will be happier in the 29.
Great choice orchidman. I also wouldn't put an apsito in a 10 gallon. Now you'll have a very happy beta.
Many species of Apistos, some are more like a colony breeder. Others do stay small enough, and are happy as a pair.
Still, good choice. A single Betta, or perhaps some tank mates, but lightly stocked is good in a 10.
An oto is a good choice. Other fish depend somewhat on the Betta. Some are OK with other fish, others are too territorial. I would suggest you stay away from fish that are prettier than the Betta like long finned, fancy Guppies.

You might try Cories (Stay low, out of the Betta's space) or most Tetras, Barbs, Rasboras etc that are not nippers (no Serpae Tetras, Silver Tip Tetras, Tiger Barbs, Zebra Danios)
I would choose from:
Cherry Barbs
Harlequin or Espei Rasboras
Glow Light Tetras (or many more)
Pencil Fish
Endlers Livebearer

Avoid upper level fish, especially other Anabantoids (Gouramis).
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You can find Apisto's that are small, and do well in 10 gallon, as a trio 2 females 1 male. Like Apisto Nejessi (spelling?) but they are harder to find. And harder to care for.
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