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Does anyone in the Denver/Thornton area own/breed/sell or just have any general knowledge of Apisto's? Any help would be great as these aren't always the easiest fish to find around here.
1 - 18 of 18 Posts is a great resource and one of the main guys on their is a local and usually hangs out at the biannual auctions. Mike Wise is his name and he is a dwarf cichlids wizard.

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The Rocky Mountain Cichlid Association would be the best place for that. Their auction is tomorrow and there will be apistos there I am sure. Mike Wise was the guest speaker at the last Colorado Aquarium Society Meeting. There is a Colorado Aquarium Society meeting tonight.
2014 Spring Auction: Saturday, March 8th at the First Plymouth Congregational Church, 3501 South Colorado Blvd, Englewood, CO 80123.
Next General Meeting:

Confirmed Event
Friday, March 7, 2014 7:30pm
March General Meeting
First Universalist Church of Denver
4101 E Hampden Ave
Denver, CO 80222
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Did a collection trip to Peru last month. Caught this beautiful species Apistogramma luelingi:

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I just picked up some tanks from somebody and he told me the same name, Mike Wise. I've been to the last couple auctions and there has really not been any apistos at all. There was one trio at the last one split up into 2 bags in November and that was it so I just figured this is gonna be much the same. The only two places I've seen any decent specimens were at About Fish and Aqua Imports other than that you have to order them. That is a gorgeous apisto by the way. I wish I could find something like that. Most any I've seen at the stores are Cacatuoides and they're cool but as far as apisto's go they're kinda blah if you ask me.
last i talked to Mike Wise he did not have ant apistos he would sell
he recommended buying online
All that he says he has is ugly fish that he says no one would actually want to buy.

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he had a presentation at a CAS meeting a few months back about one of his collection trips , very interesting
Gonna end up ordering some most likely from aquabid and I found a couple other places that seem like that have decent apisto's. Just finding somebody to ask a few questions about these fish would be nice as it seems like everybody I ask knows very little. Also, there isn't very much or any information almost anywhere on some of them so knowing somebody who has had experience with them could be helpful.
Try to order from apistodave or wetspot. Those are probably the best sources on aquabid. Apistodave had some amazing lookin cacs that were blue finned...very interesting for one of the more common varieties.

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Those were two of the three places I liked, the other being He seems to have some pretty nice apisto's as well. Apistodave actually has like 6 or 7 different pairs on aquabid right now and I've got bids on a couple of them. Hopefully I'll have some soon.
I bought two bags of Apistogammas at the last auction, and I let several more go by as I already had mine. I plan on taking a bag or two of them to this auction and I have several other members that will have apistogammas at the auction. So there will be plenty there at the March 22 auction.
The CAS auction may have had a few but not many and the RMCA had a total of 2 bags at the fall auction and absolutely none a couple days ago. Bob mentioned there will be some on the 22nd, as for what kind I'm not to sure. Hopefully there will be something different than just cacatuoides.
Well Bob should know. I would have expected more from RMCA but I guess those people are mostly into the Africans. I have some of Mike's Apistogramma bitaeniata I bought at the CAS auction a while ago. Unfortunately I haven't gotten them to breed.
Been obtaining a few different apistos lately including from the CAS auction. Apistogramma F1 Winkelfleck, F1 Trifasiata, Panduro, Fire Reds, Double/Triple Reds, and F1 Pebas. I am hooked on these amazing little fish and cant wait to get even more.
Hopefully from what I heard in the next couple of months or sooner I can get my hands on the Rio Tefe Pearl Orange, Erythrura and Papagei. So many types of these cool little guys.
Well I've found a few good sources for Apisto's and gotten a number of them. Some are starting to try to breed, they're turning yellow and defending their little area but nothing has come of it yet. Should have some for the next auction either way. So far, Trifasiata Rio Guapore (F1), Papagei (F1), Sp. Pebas (F1), Winklefleck (F1), Borelli Paraguay (F1), Baenschi Inka (F1), Macmasteri (Wild), Sp. Caro Pintado (Wild), Tefe Pearl Orange, Panduro, Hongsloi Rostrich, Agassizii Fire Red, Cacatuoides Triple Red and counting. I love these fish.
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