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Apistogramma sexing

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I picked up a trio of new apistos this past Sunday. Store said they are hongsloi though I don't know if I trust their ID as I've seen them gets lots of stuff wrong. Anyway I am more worried about the sexing than the species. One is a definite male:

He has more color than is showing in my quick cell phone shots, but you get the idea.

As for the two possible females I picked up I am used to female apistos looking a certain way and these don't. I don't have any experience with hongsloi though and it could be a color morph thing. If these aren't females then I don't think they has any. Not the best shots unfortunately:

Those of you with more experience/better knowledge, what do you think?
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I cant help much; especially without seeing all three next to each other. What makes you so sure the first is a male? Sounds like you've got some experience with apistos so I'm sure this is not something you dont already know; but depending on their age it can be almost impossible to sex them.
The first one is way too big and colorful to be a female. He's at least double the size of the others. The two bottom ones are much smaller and other than the little bit of red and blue on the cheeks have no color. Female apistos seem to largely look alike between types and these don't look like any females I've seen before which makes me wonder if they could be sneakers.
First two pictures are male last two are female.
Looks like the gold morph of Apistogramma macmasteri. I'm pretty sure that you have a trio. There's a photo on Seriously fish of a female that looks very much like your 2 smaller fish.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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