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The mosses are grown under medium+ light with CO2 and glutaraldehyde. All moss is duckweed and algae free, China + Quell willow moss are snail free. These mosses are not imported, but are taken from my own tanks.

This posting has special prices for china and quell willow moss because it overgrew while I had a broken foot and I need to make space in my tanks! Get it while the prices last!


China Moss Vesicularia sp. Sinensis

  • Dark green long strands with thick, compact branches and short height
  • Low growing creeping habit when grown attached to a surface (horizontal or vertical). Use as a ground cover, attach to rocks or driftwood, or use on a moss wall
  • Readily attaches to surfaces with rhizoids (brown growths in picture)
  • Requires medium to high light for optimal compact growth
  • Snail free
  • Portion/Price: Golf ball = $10

Golf ball size China

China flat in water

Christmas Moss Vesicularia montagnei 'Christmas moss'

  • Characteristic triangular branching habit with dark green fronds
  • Compact habit in medium+ light makes it ideal for moss walls and attaching to driftwood. Lower light results in a looser frond structure with less characteristic triangular shape
  • Portion/price: golf ball = $10

Golf ball and laid flat Christmas example

Queen Moss Amblystegiaceae sp Manaus

  • Easy to grow moss with dark green foliage
  • Small 'leaves' provide a nice texture
  • Half portion pictured below = $20 (very large golf ball)

Quell Willow Moss Fontinalis hypnoides

  • Upright, bushy growth habit with fine soft textured leaves, older growth is dark green while new growth is light green
  • Use in the foreground as a jungle for shrimp, fry, and small fish to forage in or attach to driftwood or mesh ledges
  • Will pearl, optimal growth with medium to high light and CO2
  • Snail free
  • Portion/Price: Golfball = $10

Golfball Quell Willow

Quell Willow in Water

Süsswassertang / Subwassertang

  • Freshwater seaweed looking plant
  • Does not easily attach to surfaces, tie down with fishing line
  • Can be grown in low to high light
  • Portion/Price: Golfball = $10

Riparium Plants

Riparium plants are grown with their roots in the water and leaves above the water. They are used as nutrient sinks to absorb excess nutrients or to add a 3-D texture to your tank. There are specific riparian planters that can be purchased but plastic shower caddies with suction cups are also popular. Expanded clay media, lava rock, or aquarium gravel can be used in the planter to provide a place for the plants to anchor their roots.

White rain lily Zephyranthes candida

  • Flowering plant that grows from bulbs. Produces thin chive-like leaves around 12" tall. Plants have been kept dormant for 1 month so they will be likely to bloom when planted.
  • $2.50/bulb. Buy 3 get 1 free.

Bulbs for sale

Mesh = 316 L stainless steel, 12 mesh per inch. 0.023" mesh diameter. 2X2" square w fishing line = $3. Custom sizes also available, PM dimensions for quote.

Will take custom orders for moss grown out on mesh horizontally or vertically, PM with your idea for a quote (shape/size/moss species). Perfect for those aquarists that want an instant effect.


No DOA policy for USPS shipping.

Apistogramma cacatuoides 'triple red'

Eggs laid 8/13/15. Mom and dad are triple reds. Roughly 1" in size, eating baby brine shrimp, decapsulated brine shrimp, and hikari cichlid pellets. $10/each. 2 males and 4 females remaining.

1 Male born 9/14/15 by triple red dad and 1/2 wild mom. No current pics but he is exhibiting long dorsal finnage already and will likely develop a similar dorsal fin to dad pictured below. $15.

Black bar endler guppies

  • Photo shows immature male, female, and two mature males.
  • Mixed trio: 1 M + 2 F = $6
  • Single male = $4
  • Mixed scoop: varied ages and sexes, 10+ fish = $10

Plant Shipping

USPS priority 2-3 day delivery. Small box = $7; Medium box is $15. Locations that are freezing must request boxes to be held at post office for pick up, send to a heated office, or order a medium box with heat pack and insulation. No DOA due to weather if you did not order a heat pack or insulation. A medium box with insulation and heat pack can be used for freezing areas, price = $21.

Fish Shipping
Option 1: FedEx overnight delivery. $60-80 depending on weight and time of delivery. Live arrival DOA policy.

Option 2: FedEx 2-day delivery. $40-60 depending on weight. Live arrival DOA policy.

Option 3: USPS priority 2-3 day delivery. Medium box is $15 (3 fish or less). Large box is $20 (4+ fish).

Locations cooler than 40F require heat pack ($3) and all fish boxes require insulation ($3).

DOA Policy

  1. Guaranteed live arrival for FedEx delivery as long as the package arrives within time frame guaranteed by the shipping carrier.
  2. Photos of the DOA livestock in unopened bag, received within 4 hours of delivery, is required to receive credit towards other stock.
  3. Drip acclimation over 1+ hour is recommended. Make sure to cover the dish used to prevent jumping. Do not submerge plastic bag, as that would suffocate the fish, cut it with a scissors into another container.
  4. Shipping charges are not covered by the DOA policy.
  5. No refunds available.

Fish will not be held unless paid for

Invoice will include these charges + 5% to cover paypal fees.

Please PM with your order and paypal address to send an invoice to. Thanks for looking.

All photos taken by Underwater Specimens and cannot be used without permission.

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