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Apisto Macmasteri *******! Finally

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Water Eye Fin Organism Fish

I have been looking for this fish for a while now, they are one of my favorite Apisto's. Only could find them through Wetspot but they are $30 each plus shipping which if you next day it is around $70 more or less, so that has slowed me down until I found a C.A.F.E. member from the Ohio fish club had some and was willing to sell some for a reasonable price. The shipping was still very expensive but I really wanted them bad!

so heres an unboxing video to share with you guys and would like to know if anyone else has them?

I planned on breeding them and adding some to my 180g Discus tank.
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Wow, that is gorgeous. I really want to keep dwarf cichlids.
Yes they are! I'm really into rams and apistos love them!
This apisto has eluded me for quite some time now like the Baenschi. I found a guy locally that has them now for $13 a piece and I got my Baenschi about 2 months ago.
same here been looking for them for over 2 years 😧 and thanks what I got mind for lol
Very cool fish. Make sure to post an update em them once they settle in and color up.

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Definitely will be updating
Awesome fish. They took me years to find myself so I know the feeling. Congrats!
Thank you!

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