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Apisto keepers, look here~!

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I'm thinking of ordering a box-o-pistos from Apistodave on aquabid, and I'm having a hard time picking! (you pick 4 pairs from any listed can do 4 different pairs or 4 pairs of one species)

So I'd like to know what some of your favorites have been, as far as personality, beauty, and generally well suited to planted community tank.

My choices are:

A. Cacatoides Triple Red
A. Cacatoides Orange Flash
A. Viejita CF2
A. Hongsloi
A. Trifasiata
A. Borelli
A. Panduro
A. Nijsseni

I'm really leaning towards the Nijsseni and the Hongsloi, but that's based only on looking at photos on google. :)
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A. cacatuoides 'triple red'
A. viejita CF2
A. trifasciata
A. nijsseni

I would chose those four looking at the list. I noticed that you have both viejita and hongsloi on the list there. I chose viejita over hongsloi since I prefer the look of CF2 over the regular hongsloi. If it was a different variety of hongsloi, then I would chose that instead. Also, pick one between those two since they're from the same complex. A. trifasciata and A. cacatuoides are also in the same complex, but in a tank of that size you should be okay.
It's a 54g corner.
Trying to edit my post above, but the site keeps freezing.

I was trying to add that I won't have the angels when I set this tank up. It will be heavily planted and will have driftwood as well.

I'm also debating driving over and getting some fish from Southern Apistos. Here's what he has in stock:

A. borellii 'Pantanal'
A. cacatuoides 'Orange Flash'
A. cacatuoides 'Triple Red'
A. cacatuoides 'WHITE'
A. hongsloi II. . .
A. viejita II GOLD!!!!!
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In that case, I'd go with...

A. hongsloi II
A. cacatuoides 'triple red'

Click on the "xxx" to see pictures. The ones in red are the ones in stock. I really like the "white" too! I do really like the Hongsloi II, so I'll probably go with that. Just love the overall look of the fish, with the rounded caudal fin.
If my stock list was currently:

5 Corys
5 Ottos
Undetermined school of 10 Tetras

How many pairs of Apistos could I keep?
I prefer the triple over the white since the genes for those are stronger for the white, but it's really your call. Two other fish that are on that list which are pretty stunning are A. sp. 'Algodon II' and the A. sp. 'Papagei'.

In a tank of that size, I would go with 3-4 pairs, granted that your tank is planted well and have plenty of room for each pair to establish a territory.
I really like the A. viejita II GOLD.

If I didn't have to appease the rest of the family, I'd have just Apistos in the tank. It is difficult to get much here locally and can't justify the difference with shipping for one pair of fish so have the common German Ram.
Kurt, have you checked with Tony Orso? He's in your neck of the woods.
German Rams are very nice, though! I liked mine a lot. Both died on me, though. I hear some strains are not healthy..
Oh wow...the Papagei is stunning! Wish he had that in stock. I will be talking to him soon, so maybe he can get some. I'm not sure yet if he breeds them himself or orders them in.
I'd stick with only two species.

Apisto Dave's Triple Reds are legendary.

I'd get 2x Triple red pair (one male will probably be excluded from breeding or killed). He might negotiate a 3/1 for a few more $.

I can't comment on all of the others, but Borellis make for nice pairs. I'd go for nijsseni or panduros.

Keep in mind that some species do better in harems and not so well as pairs. I can say from experience that a pair of cockatoos didn't work for me (male killed female after breeding).
Most of Dave's stuff is bred by him. The A. sp. 'Papagei' is something that he might be able to order for you though, since I've seen it in his extensive collection of pics.
OK, I am reviving this thread. Our planted tank is humming along now that I have cleared up my mil's tank sitting intervention and I have decided to go the apisto route (she did in the Rams).

Dave's current choices are:
A cacatoides Orange Flash; Apistogramma Panduro; Apistogramma borelli; Apistogramma nijsseni; Apistogramma viejita Rio Meta; Apistogramma trifasiata; Apistogramma viejita CFII; Apistogramma hongsloi; Apistogramma baenschi; Apistogramma piexoto

I am thinking of choosing two: hongsloi and the orange flash or borelli. I also like the viejita rio meta and the CFII; perhaps the baenschi.

Any comments on the above coexisting in a heavily planted 75g?
I would go with the the A. nijsseni or the A.sp. Piexoto.
Those borelli "red face" are amazing! I'm thinking about getting a pair myself! (I have GOT to quit being such a hobbyist!)
LOL at least you have the excuse that they could "potentially" be stocked in your store... :fish: :fish1: :fish:
It's bad, Laura. I've always wanted a 100 gallon plus hi-tech planted tank. Set one up. Have long wanted to try a hundred+ Tanganyikan tank. Setting one up. A dream tank has been a 100+ small polyp stony coral tank. It's next. I've dropped thousands into "display" tanks, and so far people either ignore them or get miffed that I wont drain them to sell them a fish out of them!!! Hopefully I get some folks inspired to set up similar aquariums, but hasn't happened so far! :icon_redf

Sounds like you need to set up some "attainable" nanos too, to tempt the beginners and get them "hooked"... :)

Do you have the same species of fish in stock tanks that are on display?
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