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API Tap Water Conditioner - Chloramine and Ammonia

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Hi guys, just moved into the city and dealing with something I've never had to before, chloramine.

I picked up a bottle of API tap water conditioner, but now see mentions that it leaves behind the ammonia in a toxic form. Is this true? Checked with my kit and there is over 2ppm of ammonia, but not sure if this could be ammonium instead. Is seachem prime the only way to go?
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Hey, yeah I heard that before too which is why I went with Prime which eliminates both chlorine and ammonia that gets left behind when the chlorine gets converted into... whatever it gets converted into. It sounds like you're in the perfect position to do an experiment though. Is that 2ppm result on your tap after using the conditioner? If so, I'd say you just made a pretty good case for changing conditioners.

Ammonia (NH3) / Ammonium (NH4) ratio is mostly determined by the pH of the water, so it's my understanding that when a company or people start talking about harmful vs non-harmful forms of ammonia it's more or less irrelevant- your water conditions are going to determine which it is and either one will eventually be broken down into nitrite. What is ammonia NH3 & NH4? - Seneye
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