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API Erythromycin vs BGA

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Today I decided to treat my 2 gallon tank with API E.M.Erythromycin (10 powder packs) for BGA bloom. The instruction tells me to add 1 packet (200mg) for every 10 gallon (38L), so this afternoon I added about 1/5 of a packet into the tank, but I'm not sure if I should add the same amount tomorrow, and how many more days should I continue the treatment? (i.e. should I keep treating for few more days even all the BGA is gone?)
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With all medications you should complete the entire cycle per the instructions, even if the symptoms go away. However, overdosing 5x as the poster above me recommends may be a bit of overkill. In my case dosing nitrates got rid of my BGA.
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