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Curious if anyone has had success using API Algaefix on planted tanks with hair algae and/or green spot algae?
Did it affect live plants?
Does it harm snails or be beneficial beneficial bacteria?

Been trying the 3x dose Seachem Excel but it's not put a dent in it yet much less start killing it :c. Going to be adjusting lights to prevent future hair slags just having a dickens of a time getting rid of what's here now.
It will work to some extent on hair algae, it won't touch the green spot. I have used it in the past with limited results, but it didn't hurt the plants and I don't have any inverts. I would not add it to a tank with any inverts in it. Excel works best on BBA and little if anything else. Check your phosphates, most times when GSA shows up in my tank my phosphates are 0. Keep your phosphates at 1-2 ppm and it should go away on its own. Hope this helps.
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