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Anything to do for injured shrimp?

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Just got a batch of shrimp in and one of them has an injury right in front of his tail....looks like the exoskeleton is sort of shredded right there and sticking up. He's hardly moving, just clung to moss the entire time I was acclimating and now that he's in the tank he's just sort of hanging on to a piece of substrate and leaning. The tank has Shield and Gravidas in it as well as alder cones and IAL. Anything else that might help this little dude or is he a goner?
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Oh no :-( poor little shrimp. Maybe if he makes it to molten he'll be okay? Maybe put him in a small cup with a plant and some moss and try and feed him... Yeahhh I'm a huge softie.
depends on the extent of the injury. if its organs are affected, it may be terminal, otherwise a molt might bring on a full recovery
Not sure there's really much you can do. I'd say at the most, separate to protect it from further injury, otherwise, leave alone and hope for the best or put it down if you think it's suffering.
Thanks gang. He's made it over to an IAL leaf and is just chilling there. I'm reallllyyy hoping he pulls through and that the new parameters make him molt and he'll be ok. Trying to be hopeful here...cause I'm not too keen on losing an OEBT due to bad shipping (inch of water, 4 inches of air in the bag).
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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