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Less than two weeks ago, I purchased a 55 gallon tank with a ghost catfish, common pleco (pleco will be given away tonight - tank is too small and it'll rip up my plants), and a black skirt tetra. Since then, I've been addicted to upgrading my tank and now have (will have) the following additions:

- Current USA LED+ Light
- Finnex Ray2 Aquarium Light
- GLA Ultimate CO2 Regulator
- GLA in-line diffuser
- 20lb CO2 tank
- Ecocomplete Substrate
- Seachem Flourish / Seachem Flourish Excel / Seachem Prime
- Eheim 2217 Cannister Filter
- 5 more ghost catfish

My plan is to grow baby dwarf tears (HC). I want it to carpet my aquarium.

Am I missing anything?

Will the in-line diffuser work well with the eheim spray bar?

Also, the ghost catfish are sensitive to light (and I will have tons of light - especially from the ray2). I already have driftwood and a bridge that they seem to be keen with. However, I want to make a larger cover space that will comfortably fit all of them. Any recommendations? I was thinking something that could make a sort of alcove on the side of my tank where it will cast a shadow. Like a plank that I can suction on the side of my tank?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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