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Anubias has a rhizome, so don't bury the rhizome (thick base where roots and leaf stems grow out of) or the plant can die. Burying the roots is fine.

Some of the plants look like they may have been previously grown emersed (out of water), so the plants may melt as they transition to being grown submersed (under water) and grow new leaves.

The sword plant may get huge and being a plant that can get a massive root system, they tend to like root tabs for more nutrients (not completely necessary though). Hygro and Ludwigia can grow pretty fast, so just be aware they may need more frequent trimming/propagating so they don't crowd each other out from getting enough light. Not much else besides that.

Ohh, be careful with that pot in there though. The glazing coat on ceramic/porcelain can be toxic to fish and shrimp. Not 100% it will cause issues, but something to be weary about.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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