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After my water change tonight I just noticed one of my fish has a bright white crescent in the pupil of one eye - it looks like a cataract or damage would look, as it follows the curve of the iris. The fish is a Columbian Tetra so the eye is small & it's hard to tell, but it looks smooth and it doesn't look like it's on the surface, but within the eye itself if possible. Could this be an eye fluke? I haven't been able to see the fish head-on, so I don't know if the white mark is raised or not. I'm trying to decide if the fish's other eye is starting to look cloudy or if I am being paranoid, it's a hairline decision on if it's clear or starting to cloud. Will this spread fast, faster than I can get the meds? (if I need to order Prazipro, it will take a week to get here) I don't even know how long the eye has been like this, I don't usually stare so closely at my fish! (guess I better start)

I have Kanaplex on order as part of my Black Friday spending splurge and the order is supposed to arrive Monday. I had enough to do a weak (2/3 dose) treatment tonight, which I did as a knee-jerk reaction. I researched online & saw people recommend Prazipro for flukes. Will Kanaplex work as well or should I order Prazipro? The Prazipro will kill all my snails which is a bummer (and may cause an ammonia spike, which I'll have to plan for with extra water changes)

No fish have been added to this tank in months, could flukes suddenly appear? Has anyone seen eye damage that looked like this? The tank gets pretty rowdy because of the types of fish I have in it.

Tried to take a pic but the fish move too fast, I hope my description is enough.
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