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Anyone with experience keeping hi fin banded sharks

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Recently got 2 of these guys they r gonna be in my 30 gallon for about half a year until i get a much bigger tank , ive seen some videos of them they seem to be at least mildly active in the tanks in mine however they just kinda drift around , they also seem to be a bit malnourished they r pretty thin at least in my opinion and as a last idea they had their fins up the first day they came into the tank and seemed to be a bit more active right now they r just sitting around most of the day swimming only once in a while and their fins are down tank ph is around 6.8 . How exactly do i feed em btw ive read they eat vegetation mostly so im thinking of putting in some zucchini with a clip or something to see if he eats it if u have any other idea plz lemme know ^^
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How much ammonia, nitrite and nitrate is in your tank? They like fast flowing water.


"In the wild, this fish (Myxocyprinus asiaticus) can reach up to 39 inches in length; in the aquarium setting they generally reach 18-24 inches.

Due to its size, the Hi Fin Banded Shark requires more advanced care and handling. Therefore, an aquarium with 125 gallons or more of moving, well-filtered, and well-oxygenated water is necessary. Many people find this species to be an ideal algae eater in the backyard garden pond, as the fish can tolerate temperatures as low as 40 degrees fahrenheit.

Peaceful by nature, the Hi Fin Banded Shark is omnivorous, but leans toward the herbivore side of this category, feeding on benthic (bottom-dwelling) invertebrates and rasp algae growing on rocks and logs. Freeze-dried or frozen bloodworms make an excellent diet for juveniles. "
ya like i said earlier lol i plan to keep it there for only half a year or so im upgrading to 120 sometime next year once i leave my dorm in college and i get my own place with more space that i wont have to share lol ^^ ill test the nitrates and ammonia in the afternoon im in class atm but i think it was more about the shock of being in the new tank with new fish the place where i got em had em alone in a cement tank usual fish farm setting water ph is liek 8 so changing it to mine might have bothered em a bit they were swimming around in the morning be4 i left , i knew what they ate the problem was how to feed it to em lol thers a school of 7 albino tiger barbs and they are all passive they wont bite him they just mind their own business most of the time some clown loaches and a black ghost so whenever i put food in the aquarium it doesnt really ever reach the bottom lol i have no rocks or driftwood in there atm until i recieve my order or stones from another member here so i was thinking about putting some zucchini in there to see if hell eat it neone thinks this might work ?
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Your tank is overstocked. You should probably take them back. Clown loaches get big, ghost knifes get big, the tiger barbs will shred the hifins. This just seems like a pretty bad idea all around.
does everyone just seem to ignore the post that 6 months from now is gonna be 120 g o.o
See this is the thing, right now in its current state, your tank is overstocked and unhealthy for the current inhabitants. But what do I know, I'm just one guy. If it's not the answer you want to hear, ignore it, it's what you were gonna do anyway. You know it all right?
6 months from now is gonna be 120 g
Life happens.

I'd say, generous estimate, that only 50% of aquarium plans actually pan out. Don't bet your fish's life and health on the fact that you will upgrade eventually. I don't know how many people I've seen buying tankbusters because "I'll just get a bigger tank once they get too big" and they rarely do. Not calling you a liar, just saying you should plan for what you have now and save these fish for when you actually have the space for them to do well from the start. Right now it is a recipe for disaster.
Responsible fish keeping starts with proper planning and proper equipment. The opposite results in sick or dead fish, or fish that just sit on the bottom with their fins down, you do the math. What's happening to your fish is not their fault, and it's not my fault either, so don't be getting defensive and "lol"ing me. You asked for answers and you're getting them, if you decide you don't like the answers you get here, go to a fish site instead of a plant site, I'm sure they will rip you a new one better than anyone here will. You wanted to know what the reasons could be for your fish's current behavior, and it was clearly outlined to you, throwing denial at us isn't going to change that the facts lie there between you and your fish, you can either sit there and watch them thrive, or you can sit there and watch them die. What did you want us to tell you..."Oh, it's ok, that's normal for them, they'll be ok tomorrow"??

This is why I quoted a fairly reliable source rather saying what I really wanted to, but I still get the backlash of denial. Hilarious. You should go join NR, they're having open season on folks like you right now. ;)
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He apparently replaced periods with lol.....Entertaining!
He apparently replaced periods with lol.....Entertaining!
thats usually it and it sucks otherwise im way to used to writing that way be it that i spend too much time doing it or w/e other reason i have for writing that way

Jen- i understand ur corcern but believe me is gonna happen im way too involved in this hobby to give it up and in case stuff did happen i can always give em back to the lfs where i got em they r really friendly people and im a very frequent costumer they have no problems taking stuff back i already discussed it with em . Other than the fact that i still duno how to get em to eat everything is ok , maybe ill wait a few days until they get more acclimated to the tank

jaidexl - the fish are perfectly fine atm and the question was how to feed em according to the situation with the other much more active fish , thanks for trying to help with the behavior but i really dun appreciate the whole denial thing but w/e u got working for u man ^^ and about the barbs not all fish are the same and im telling u mine are perfectly peaceful they r scared of the bigger fish so they never come near em that was my first concern when i got the bkg who is also doing perfectly fine in its current state but in case anything were to indeed happen i can move em to another tank i have thats empty right now
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You should probably go ahead and start up that other tank. You're going to need it. But you already knew that.
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