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Anyone with cherry (or yellow) shrimp available to meet us on the 14th in Denver?

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Well, the work schedule screwed up yet another visit to the front range to see our "fishy friends". We were hoping to get to the meeting and (hopefully) finally and see everyone - sure hope we FINALLY get there before the snow flies! We also were hoping to get some new gene pool "blood" for the cherry shrimps. The ones we have now are some of Duane's fine shrimp family - so I am looking to "change" the genes up a bit... I am also interested in some yellow shrimp if they are available in this group.

Would anyone who has some be available on the 14th to meet us? We have a rock show we're going to at I-25 & I-70 and will be there for a couple of hours. PM me and let me know if you can get together with us. I can also trade some Honduran Red Points for the shrimp if anyone is interested in that trade - otherwise, I'll bring cash!

Thanks in advance you guys! I wish we could have been there :mad:
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