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anyone using this glass diffusor?

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just looking for another CO2 option here, came across this from aquaticmagic..
any thoughts?
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since there is no water in the spiral
and the disk is relatively small, that
diffuser will be very inefficient for a
75 gal tank. you are better off with
a reactor, or multiple disk diffusers.
I'm using the exact one but without any way to measure the CO2 quantitatively I can't give you exact numbers. I can say that the bubble sizes are not consistent with my DIY CO2. Sometimes theyre incredibly tiny like a mist and other times they are very small but not small enough to warrant the cost. I was getting about the same performance, maybe more consistent actually, with a cigarette filter.
I'll just say I wouldn't buy one could I go back.
I use it ...

I use a small powerhead to mix up a dead spot in the corner of my tank where debris tends to accumulate, and I have this diffuser positioned below that powerhead to shoot the bubbles out. Without an additional mechanical element to it the bubbles do tend to reach the top of the tank and escape no matter how small they are.

Also it tends to turn green and its impossible to clean the algae out so gets a little unsightly if you dont hide it.
I used to have the SpioX, same form different size and has a built in glass check valve. The disk was a pain to keep clean which I imagine is the case with all glass diffusers, and I get better satisfaction from using limewood blocks. No serious comparative testing was done, but I achieved my CO2ppm goal in either case. All I can say is the disk releases some larger than desirable bubble streams like limewood, produces less mist after collecting algae, and the glass is thin, the entire diffuser feels fragile, mine ended up in a million pieces on the floor. Stay away from the ones with the built in check valve, it gets stuck if not held open by pressure, then you have to inject bleach and water into the diffuser with a med syringe, let it soak then shake the heck out of it to get the thing loose again. Then you have to inject dechlor through it or let it sit in dechlor for a day while it absorbs it. The way they ran that spiral inside makes it almost impossible for water to exit the tube end, so every time I bleach soaked, I had to reverse the syringe on it to blow the bleach solution back out the disk, cleaning it is a major PIA/waste of time just because of that fancy spiral that serves no purpose. Cleaning is an issue with all glass, and simplicity is key for making it as practical as a limewood block. If I was going to buy another glass diffuser, I'd get a Rhinox.
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