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Anyone use SunSun internals?

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I am re-setting up a 75g planted peacock/hap tank and have an eheim 2217 currently, but I want a bit more flow/filtration/aeration on the tank, and I like to over-filter if possible.

I'm looking at the SunSun JP-025F 422 GPH Aquarium Powerhead Water Pump with Internal Filter - anyone use this particular model? I've heard good things about their external canisters and hoping this is equally well-built. A make or break for me is the sound level, however. I used to run two Emperor 400s, and while they kept the water pristine, boy did they eventually get noisy. Now that the wife has heard the beautiful silence of the eheim canister, anything that hums or rattles will be a no go.

I welcome any feedback, on this filter or on recommendations on a powerful but quiet internal filter to supplement the eheim. Much appreciated!:grin2:
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Yep, I have a smaller version in my 56G column for similar reasons....mostly for circulation but also to suck up some pleco waste from the bottom. Works very well as it basically just a powerhead with some sponges to trap waste. It is a bit less ugly than say a sponge filter with a powerhead. I have never observed any noise, Ive had mine for atleast 5 years and it is still going strong.

Now I am interested in the JP-082-085 series....these are a large flat looking box with 2 outlets and I am assuming more media capacity. More customizable flow as well as you can use spraybars or a jet. Anyone have experience with the larger?
So I got the JP-025 on there, and holy cow the flow is crazy.... made my nice peaceful planted 75g like a reef tank, with plants whipping in the current and tetras scrambling to not get swept into a whirlpool... Wrapped a sponge over the outlet but not sure if this the greatest solution, as it seems to completely deaden the output.:icon_eek: Definitely a solid filter thus far though.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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