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Anyone use Seachem Renew?

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Seachem renew is a carbon substitute advertised as being less aggressive than carbon as absorbing things, lasts like four mons before needed to be replaced, and can remove particles in the water at the sub micron range so it will catch crap your filter floss cant.

Why doesn't anyone use this stuff for water polishing if it catches the tiniest of particles and is so much less aggressive than carbon?

I have seen it in person and its just little white rocks/granules. I have well water and have to use an aquarium tap water filter before water changes, stuffed with quilt batting to catch the brown suspended particles of red clay that aren't fought by out double household filter system in the basement. Could adding some renew help catch any other sub micron particles that escape the tap water filter, as well as catching tiny particles that originate from inside the tank?

Is it rechargeable? The name implies it is, to me. I'd imagine just baking it in the oven would cook away any organic particles it trapped on the surface.

To give you an idea of our water, I don't buy white clothes because after about ten washes they don't stay white, even with bleach.,, our water affects them. The soil we have here is red Georgia clay. If you get it on your shirt, the shirt is ruined.
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