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Anyone try Mazuri?

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So in my quest to find the cheapest (Within reason; I don't want to feed them garbage) fish food, I came upon the Mazuri Gels. 1kg makes ~2.5kg of food (60% H20:40% powder w/w) when mixed. The cheapest --$/oz-- fish flake/pellet I can get at aquarium stores is the Northfin 2.5kg, so this makes the same amount for slightly less.

Has anyone tried it with their fish? I'm mostly curious about livebearers, convicts, etc. The feeder fish species :wink2:.

Mazuri Aquatic Gel
Mazuri Aquatic Gel - Low Calorie

They also make a version for crustaceans, which could be useful for shrimp/crays: Mazuri Aquatic Gel for Crustaceans
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