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Anyone tried Derek Parr's paintball co2 setup

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I'm starting a new aquarium at my work desk. I was looking for a regulator without the solenoid. I can easily turn off and on before and after work. Need a paintball cannister due to limited space.

Through google a couple of sites caught my attention.

which linked to

Has anyone given this system a try? Any reviews?
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Wait, are you talking about how he set it up, or his actual set up? Doesn't seem like he sells it...
I was just talking about his setup.

Doing some number crunching it comes out to about $60 w/o shipping and handling. $60 includes the co2 tank. Far cheaper than other regulators setups. I know it doesn't come with gauges and the solenoid but for a setup on my desk where I spend 8 hours weekdays, I don't think it is necessary.

20 oz co2 tank with on off valve $14

drop forward adapter $29

needle valve $16

I was just using the above products as examples of pricing.
I'm not sure if I'll go with this setup but it sure does look tempting for the price. Also outside of the needle valve it is possibly the best looking setup imho.
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The drop forward part appears to be the wrong part.

Instead it appears to be the 32 Degrees Universal Fill Adapter. It looks closer to the one he used. Also the parts looks to fit better.

at $8 the setup is $21 cheaper. Total price adjusted is $39. Sounds to good to be true so I'm still a little skeptical but for the price I'm really curious.
IMO, you would just be better off geting a regulator. The whole point of the regulator isn't exactly to just read off numbers, but also to lower the pressure A LOT so you can use it with the needle valve. I'm sure those parts do lower it, but not enough, but you never know!
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