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I have a fountain on my back porch (just a bubbling rock, really), and today I noticed several of these rascals crawling around on the rock in the water flow.

I assume they must be some sort of insect larvae given how inaccessible where they are would be to something like a worm.

My fish seem to find them tasty. :smile:

I'm wondering if anyone happens to know what they might be.

Stinkin' phone camera doesn't want to focus on them very well. They seem to be smooth, about a centimeter long, with a white dot at one end. Somewhat translucent, with a darker "stripe" running their length (prowly the digestive tract, I'd guess). I won't try to name the colors, since you can see them, and I'm a bit color-blind anyway.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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