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Anyone local need any glosso ?

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I just moved this past weekend and I redid my tanks tore down my two nanos and I have a bit of glosso a floating in my 10g that I don't need and I don't just want to throw it away if someone wants/needs it, and I don't feel like shipping it. There is a bit more than a golf ball size clump of it in there.
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I would love to get it... or a little pinch of it... might you be able to bring it to the next meeting?
Yeah I can do that, I don't know how well it will keep floating but if it lives I will definitely bring you some.
Thanks! If anyone can get it sooner, you could just save us a pinch. I would love to get a nice carpet going in one of our shrimp tanks, but would be happy to plant it and wait for it to spread.
Not a problem, I will grab some from one of my other tanks if nothing else I have it growing in my shrimp tank, emersed, and my planted tank but have decided to swap the emersed setup and the planted tank as I want a bit of a bigger planted tank. So I will be swapping stuff over again, I just can't seem to leave things alone I am sure my plants are starting to hate me lol.
Chris or Tally whomever I was talking to lol the plants are still floating in my tank they are looking ok some of them are dieing off with some yellow leaves but it does look like they are going to make through till friday without problems. Just wanted to update you on the condition.

I have finally setup my tank the way I want it, at least till I get more plants and this stuff is doing really go for me in my tank so I hope you have good luck with it too as I just redid my tank last wednesday and by the weekend I have new growth and nice runners popping up all over the tank. So if you don't have any luck with this batch let me know as I am sure I will have more by April's meeting if this batch doesn't pull through for you but I am pretty sure it will without any problems. It's nice and small and pretty much cut up for planting size a so it shouldn't be too much of a pain to prep for planting, I did all the hard work for you ;) lol
Thanks. Does it need to be tied down, or poked into the gravel?
You are suppose to plant it I will show you when I give it to you ;)
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