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Anyone like grilling?

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I recently dusted off an old project that I had stopped working on after graduating college: The BBQ Blog!

At the time I made it I didn't know that people made a distinction between grilling with the occasional wood smoke and actual BBQ. I've learned a lot since starting this and in the process become a useful outdoor cook, much to my girlfriend's appreciation.

I'm working on the new design, which is maybe 75% in place right, and updating it with some new posts and photos. Love to know what everyone thinks!
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Hey Natx, nice blog. You should make text in the header image look like it was burnt into a wood plank :)
Looks like some good eatin's on that site.

Two nights ago I BBQ trout that my girlfriend and I had caught. She caught the largest weighing in at 7lbs!
I cleaned them up and stuffed them with butter, lemon slices, lemon zest, fresh minced garlic, fresh dill, fresh parsley, fresh thyme, fresh italian parsley, cayenne pepper and my own mix of crushed red peppers and peppercorn.
I lit up some coals, a very little amount I might add, since you wont be BBQ'ing fish very long. Soaked a nice 4 softball sized portions of alder chips in water for about 2 hours. You only need to soak ehm for around a half hour. Then spread the soaked chips on the hot coals, covered and let sit for about 8 minutes then flipped it over for another 5 minutes or so. The 7 pounder had to stay in longer.

This turned out to be one of the best tasting fish I've had. The alder smoked trout was amazingly good!
Wow 7lb trout, thats great. I grilled freshly caught striped bass once, but it was awhile ago. Not much for fishing in the Boston area if you don't have a boat or car unfortunately.

I saw some of your tank photos on Flickr, looks like its doing great!
I love grilling. Nothing better than cooking up a slab of fresh steak, pork chop, chicken, fish, or pretty much any other kind of grillable meat!
When my wife and I moved into our current house, my parents bought us a nice stainless steel 3-burner propane grill w/ side warming tray. It was an upgrade from a small weber grill we had at the old place.
My brother bought me a Weber Big Book of Grilling, which is nice but I also get recipes off the internet. We had a Housewarming Party after we moved in (Summer '05) and I made some amazing beer battered, grilled bratwurst. The beer used was a type of beer that my wife and I brought back from Belgium, called Casteelbier -- kind of a sweet-tasting stout. I'm sure you have plenty of good grilling recipes on that blog, I'll have to check it out.
The funniest thing was when we went through customs and airport security with our carry-on bag clinging with beer, wine and Amaretto. lol....stuff you can't buy in the states.
Thanks for sharing the blog.

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