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I hope someone here can help.

I ran into a cyano-slime algae/bacteria issue towards the bottom/front of my tank and I decided to try to improve circulation by changing my ADA inflow pipe (Poppy Glass inflow PV-2 13D) for the Eheim intake tube that came with my filter (Eheim Classic 2213). The difference is that the Eheim intake tube reaches about 40-50mm lower than the ADA inflow pipe (340mm height vs 300mm height).

Surprisingly this did it! I have not seen cyano come back to my tank in more than a month (all conditions before and after have remained the same).

However, I do not like looking at an ugly green tube and would much rather have glass!

So anyone knows of any glass inflow pipe 13mm diam that has a height greater than 300mm??? 340mm or 350mm would be ideal. I have searched all over ADA and their 13mm Lily's and Poppy's are 300mm max.
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