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Anyone Know.....

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The dimensions of a 35 Gallon tank ? My lps has some in stock but i'm not sure what the dimensions are but i might just let them order me a 40 gallon breeder :) Don't tell me to use the search function since i already did and couldn't find anything :icon_wink
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it could be a "tall" tank so there would be no way of knowing...really
These are dimensions of a 35 Gallon Hexagon Tank...

23 1/4 x 20 3/16 x 24 3/4
oh thanks everyone i think i might just make them order a 40 gallon for me then :D
Weren't you having trouble deciding between a 10 gallon and your 55 gallon? Now you're ordering a 40 gal.?
I'm selling the 55 to get a 40 and the 10 will share the same Co2 tank as the 40 thats why my journal is still going :D
48" lighting is probably cheaper than 36" lighting. ;)
:) ok I will stick with the 55 thats final i can't keep changing my mind lol.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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